GPMYYBD Windproof Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Torch – Product Description

GPMYYBD Windproof Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Torch – Product Description

GPMYYBD Windproof Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Torch

Introducing the GPMYYBD Windproof Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Torch, the ultimate accessory for cigar enthusiasts. This sleek and stylish lighter is designed to provide a reliable and efficient flame for all your smoking needs. With its multifunctional features and durable construction, it is a must-have for any cigar lover.


Windproof Design

The GPMYYBD lighter is equipped with a windproof design, ensuring that you can light your cigar even in windy conditions. Say goodbye to frustrating moments of failed ignition and enjoy a hassle-free smoking experience.

Adjustable Flame

With its adjustable flame, you have full control over the intensity of the fire. Whether you prefer a gentle flame or a powerful one, this lighter allows you to customize it according to your preference.

Refillable Fuel

No need to worry about running out of fuel. The GPMYYBD lighter is refillable, allowing you to use it for a long time without the need for constant replacements. Simply refill it with butane gas, and you’re good to go.

Cigar Punch Top Cover

Convenience is key, and this lighter understands that. It comes with a cigar punch top cover, which serves as a cigar holder as well. You can easily carry your cigar with you and have it ready whenever you want to enjoy a smoke.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is the lighter easy to use?

Yes, the GPMYYBD lighter is designed for ease of use. Simply press the ignition button, and the flame will ignite instantly. The adjustable flame control is also user-friendly, allowing you to adjust it with ease.

2. How long does the fuel last?

The duration of the fuel depends on the frequency of use and the flame intensity. On average, a full refill can last for several weeks or even months, making it a cost-effective choice for cigar enthusiasts.

3. Can I use any type of butane gas for refilling?

Yes, you can use any standard butane gas for refilling the GPMYYBD lighter. It is recommended to use high-quality butane gas for optimal performance and longevity of the lighter.


The GPMYYBD Windproof Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Torch is the perfect companion for cigar enthusiasts. Its windproof design, adjustable flame, refillable fuel, and cigar punch top cover make it a versatile and convenient lighter. Say goodbye to unreliable lighters and enjoy a seamless smoking experience with this high-quality product.

GPMYYBD Windproof Cigar Lighter Gas Butane Torch – Product Description
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