Hydrographics Film – Water Transfer Printing

Hydrographics Film – Water Transfer Printing

Hydrographics Film – Water Transfer Printing


Welcome to the exciting world of hydrographics film! If you’re looking to add a unique and eye-catching design to your items, water transfer printing is the way to go. Our hydrographic film is designed to provide a seamless and professional finish to your dipped items. With a width of 0.5 meters, our film is perfect for a wide range of applications.

Animal Texture Options

Our hydrographics film offers a variety of animal textures to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of the wild or prefer a more domesticated look, we have the perfect design for you. From leopard spots to zebra stripes, our animal texture options will add a touch of nature to your items.

Multi-Color Options

Inject some vibrant colors into your dipped items with our multi-color hydrographic film. With a wide range of color combinations available, you can create stunning and unique designs that will make your items stand out. Whether you prefer bold and bright or subtle and sophisticated, our multi-color options have got you covered.

How to Use

Step 1: Prepare Your Item

Before dipping, make sure your item is clean and free from any dirt or debris. This will ensure a smooth and flawless finish.

Step 2: Activate the Film

Fill a container with warm water and place the hydrographic film on the surface. Wait for the film to activate and spread evenly across the water.

Step 3: Dip Your Item

Gently lower your item into the water, ensuring that it is fully submerged. Hold it in place for a few seconds to allow the film to adhere to the surface.

Step 4: Rinse and Dry

Once the film has transferred to your item, carefully remove it from the water and rinse off any excess residue. Allow your item to dry completely before handling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I use hydrographic film on any surface?

A: Hydrographic film can be used on a variety of surfaces, including plastic, metal, wood, and more. However, it is important to ensure that the surface is clean and properly prepared for optimal results.

Q: How long does the hydrographic film last?

A: Our high-quality hydrographic film is designed to be durable and long-lasting. With proper application and care, the design can last for years without fading or peeling.

Q: Can I apply a clear coat over the hydrographic film?

A: Yes, applying a clear coat over the hydrographic film can provide an extra layer of protection and enhance the overall finish. It is recommended to use a clear coat specifically designed for water transfer printing.

Experience the magic of hydrographics film and transform your items with ease. Choose from a wide range of animal textures and multi-color options to create stunning designs that will leave a lasting impression. Dip, rinse, and enjoy the beauty of water transfer printing!

Hydrographics Film – Water Transfer Printing
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