Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline – The Perfect Exercise Equipment

Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline – The Perfect Exercise Equipment

Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline

Experience a Soft Silent Landing

The Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline features a bungee cord design with a latex bungee cord that has high-quality elasticity, oxidation resistance, and durability. This design minimizes noise and provides a silent bounce, allowing you to jump anywhere without disturbing others.

Half-Folded Design

The Jandecfit exercise trampoline for adults adopts a 1/2 folding design, making it easy to install and store. Simply open it and screw it on the foot tube. When not in use, it can be folded for convenient storage. It is suitable for living rooms, bedrooms, offices, and other indoor spaces.

Soft Jumping Comfort

The Jandecfit rebounder trampoline for adults features a jump cloth made of strong PP mesh. The surface of the jump cloth is smooth, soft, scratch-resistant, and wear-resistant. With high elasticity and high toughness, combined with the support of 6 legs, it can withstand up to 150 kg of gravity, providing a comfortable jumping experience.

Healthy and Happy Every Day

The Jandecfit rebounder trampoline is a great way to train a wide range of muscle groups, helping to build muscle mass and strengthen the shoulder, hip, and leg muscles. It can be used indoors or in the garden, allowing you to carry out effective aerobic exercise and enhance the oxygen-carrying capacity of your blood, thereby improving your body’s immunity.


Please read the installation instructions carefully before installing the trampoline. The installation process is relatively simple but requires some physical labor. We recommend having two people install it for safety and ease.

Happy Fitness, Healthy Knees

Using a trampoline for fitness allows your body to stretch smoothly, resulting in a soft and almost silent landing on the mat. The highly elastic design stores the energy absorbed during deceleration and returns almost all of it, putting no negative effect on your knees. This ensures a safe and enjoyable workout experience.

Joyful Exercise

The Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline is an interesting fitness equipment that makes high-intensity cardio a fun way to stay fit. It not only helps you forget your worries but also brings joy to your exercise routine. Stay healthy and enjoy life with this innovative trampoline.

Highly Effective Exercise

Fitness trampolining is currently one of the most popular weight loss exercises. It is highly effective in burning fat and shaping your body. Just 20 minutes of daily bouncing on the Jandecfit trampoline can help you burn thousands of calories and lose weight fast.

Quality Assurance, Perfect After-Sales

With Jandecfit, you can be assured of the quality of our products. If you encounter any quality problems or have an unpleasant experience, please contact us. We are committed to providing excellent after-sales service and will do our best to solve any issues you may have. Thank you for your trust and support.

Jandecfit Foldable Fitness Trampoline – The Perfect Exercise Equipment
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