YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA – Japanese Keycap Dye Sub for MX Keyboard

YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA – Japanese Keycap Dye Sub for MX Keyboard

Upgrade Your MX Keyboard with YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA


Are you tired of the same old keycaps on your MX Keyboard? Looking for a unique and stylish upgrade? Look no further! Introducing the YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA, a perfect choice for those who appreciate Japanese aesthetics and high-quality materials.

Why Choose YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA?

YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA offers a refreshing alternative to traditional keycaps. Made from durable PBT material, these keycaps are built to last. The dye sublimation printing technique ensures that the legends on the keycaps won’t fade or wear off over time, providing a long-lasting and visually appealing typing experience.

Japanese Keycap Design

The YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA feature a Japanese-inspired design, similar to the popular XDA Japanese Keycap style. The keycaps have a sleek and minimalistic profile, allowing for a clean and elegant look on your keyboard. The legends are printed in a unique font that adds a touch of sophistication to your typing experience.


The YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA are compatible with various MX Keyboard models, including the 104, 87, GK61, 96, 84, GK64, and 68 key layouts. Whether you have a full-sized keyboard or a compact one, these keycaps will fit perfectly and enhance the overall aesthetics of your setup.

Easy Installation

Installing the YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA is a breeze. Simply remove your old keycaps and replace them with the new ones. The keycaps have a standard MX stem, ensuring compatibility with most mechanical keyboards. The keycaps are also easy to clean, allowing you to maintain their pristine appearance effortlessly.

Express Your Style

With a variety of color options available, including the eye-catching “123 Gundam” design, the YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA allow you to express your unique style and personality. Whether you prefer a vibrant and bold look or a more subtle and understated aesthetic, there is a design that suits your taste.


Elevate your typing experience and give your MX Keyboard a fresh new look with the YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA. With their durable construction, Japanese-inspired design, and easy installation, these keycaps are a must-have for any keyboard enthusiast. Upgrade your setup today and enjoy the beauty and functionality of YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA!

YMDK PBT Keycaps ZDA – Japanese Keycap Dye Sub for MX Keyboard
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